“Costa del Sole” is the coastal section in the southwestern part of the island of Elba: 10 km of panoramic street overlooking Corsica and the other islands of the Tuscan archipelago, a series of cliffs, unspoilt beaches and small bays accessible only by paths or directly from the sea.

The majestic presence of the granite is only the addition to the colors and fragrances of the Mediterranean and characterizes the entire environment.

The rural traditions of this part of the island can still be experienced in the small villages of Chiessi and Pomonte. In addition, there are numerous vineyards, which climb the hills by terracing.



Our association has been active in the territory for about 20 years, with the aim of continually protecting the coast, which stretches from Cavoli to Colle d’Orano and includes the villages of Pomonte, Chiessi and Seccheto and the tourist resort of Fetovaia.
This is undoubtedly the most famous and most popular coastal route of the island for tourists. At the same time, it is an extremely valuable and sensitive environment also for future generations, which must be preserved and protected.

Our association has been committed to the development of eco-tourism, the establishment of rural traditions and the development of the historical, artistic and cultural part of our territory over the past two decades.

Members of the association are mainly family-run hotels, about 20 facilities, located along the 10 km long coast “Costa del Sole”.